Mama Bear and Me

I think I will begin my blog by explaining why I have chosen “Mama Bear and Me” as the title to my blog. If I am perfectly honest, all the other ones I tried when setting this thing up had already been taken by other bloggers (hello!) so after a few combinations and other attempts, this one called to me. A call to the wild you could say!

Basically, Mama Bear is my alter ego. She’s much more confident than me – she goes out without any make up on (I’m too embarrassed about my spots to do that),  she starts up conversations with strangers (I’m far too shy), she happily gets her boob out to feed her cub regardless of where she is or with whom (I’m too self concious) and rue the day anyone dares to say anything negative about it.

She is proud of herself – she grew and delivered a brand new person into the world after all – and she has a whole new respect for her body and her mind. Mama Bear can do anything if she puts her mind to it. She’s a bit more argumentative than Me – she  will still refrain from an argument or confrontation where possible but when needs must, she will protect those closest to her. If something is wrong, or she doesn’t want to do something, she will say so and she worries and cares less about what people think of her. She’s happy in her own skin.

In fairness, I think Mama Bear has always been around but she was hibernating – a lot. She’d pop her head up every now and then but it’s only been since maybe the last weeks of my pregnancy that she woke up properly and became a part of my life. I’m still Me; I still worry too much, I still feel a bit like a fish out of water in unfamiliar surroundings and I’m still a bit of a push over but now that Mama Bear is around, I have a new found respect for myself and confidence in what I can do… I pushed a whole person out of my hoohaa after all!







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