Second-hand is grand!

Today we went to a nearly new sale arranged by our local NCT (National Childbirth Trust) group and got a hoard of 6-9 clothes and other bits for Jack ready for a few months time.

Now I know some people are funny about wearing things someone has had before but I don’t have a problem with it at all. In fact, I absolutely LOVE a bargain which is why I think sales like these are brilliant, especially for baby stuff because they grow out of them so quickly. Actually, the majority of the clothes Jack wears and things like his play gym and bouncy chair we picked up for a few quid from nearly new sales like this one or from bootfairs.

Many of the clothes we picked up today (and in past NCT sprees) had barely been worn, some still had the shop labels on them and they all ranged between 50p and £5 (often as a bundle). Many of the items we picked up were originally from Next, Mothercare and George (Asda), all of which are brands that if I could afford to buy new, would have gone to anyway.

We spent £60 in total and took home the following;

  • 1x zip-up knitted hoodie
  • 2x baby grows
  • 13x vests
  • 6x pairs of shorts
  • 2x dungarees
  • 6x trousers/jeans
  • 14x tshirts/shirts
  • 3x bags of home safety stuff like corner cushions and cupboard locks
  • 2x breathable cot bumpers
  • 1x waterproof cot sheet
  • A very colourful blanket that I love
  • Mega blocks
  • 6x books
  • Police car toy
  • Cot duvet set
  • Zebra puppet
  • Plushie Superman

Not bad ay?! What is also great is that as NCT is a charity so they get something back from this as well! Oh and it’s not just baby stuff, there’s clothes, books and toys for all ages too.

The other thing I will also mention quickly is about the way these sales are set out as I think it’s brilliant. Basically, all the items are labelled with a short description and price but also a seller number. You go round with a shopping bag and put in it what you want then take it to a “till” at the end and pay for it all in one go. The “cashier” then takes the labels, everything is added up after the sale and a percentage goes back to the seller and the rest to the charity.

So if you want to save yourself some money, save the planet by recycling/reusing, do something good for charity and maybe even sell some stuff as well, check out your local NCT group!

(NCT also do a lot of other things like antenatal classes, courses and baby groups so it is worth having a look on their website – https://www.nct.org.uk)

Now I’ve just got to wash it all…


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