There’s a time and a place for the potty – and the middle of a pub ain’t it!

So I read an article today on the Daily Mail website (don’t judge me I just like how their website is laid out!) and it was about how a mother let her child go on the potty in the middle of a busy pub instead of taking them to the toilet.


No, no, no! It’s unhygienic for a start – you don’t shit where you eat. You just don’t, most animals don’t even do that! You wouldn’t eat your dinner in the toilet so don’t bring the toilet to dinner. Noone wants to see someone having a wee or a poop whilst they tuck into their Sunday lunch! 

Secondly, surely part of the process of toilet training is teaching your child about the physical journeying to an appropriate pee stop? Otherwise we will be raising a generation of people who think it’s ok too have a wee or poo anywhere and we are back in the middle ages, riddled with disease and stinking to high heaven! 

Thirdly, and most importantly, we shouldn’t be encouraging children to take off their pants in front of strangers. We need to protect them from the dangers in the world and teach them how certain things should be kept private and not shared with the world.

Finally, what I want to know is what did she do with the potty contents afterwards?! Was she embarrassed walking across a heaving pub, carrying a potty whilst the contents sloshed around and the scent wafted over everyone’s dinner? I bet she was especially careful not to bump into anyone. Or did she hide it, tipping it into a pot plant on her way out?

Mind you, I know that sometimes when children need to go,  you often don’t have long before suddenly there is a puddle so maybe this is what happened in this case and the quickest way to avoid a greater mess and embarrassment was for the potty to come out there and then… I really hope this was what happened (in which case I totally understand why she did it) and not that the mother is just a lazy minger! 

(You can read the original article here: http://dailym.ai/2mftSIA)


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