I’ll just pop to the shop and grab some milk…

So this morning, Jack had a doctor’s appointment first thing and as it’s a lovely day (and in an attempt to both save money on petrol and get some exercise) I decided to walk the mile down the road to the surgery. Then afterwards I though I’d walk another few minutes down into the town and get some milk…

It’s never just milk is it! The first thing I spot on the way into Morrison’s is that a huge box of the washing powder we use (Persil non-bio if you’re interested) was on special offer for £8. Bargain and will last us ages. Then I walk around a bit more and spot a big bottle of Fairy Liquid reduced to 75p. So I had that too. Found the milk so that went in as well, grabbed a few other things and off to the till I went. Even as I juggled a basket with these huge heavy items in on top of the pram handle (it was too heavy to hold normally) did I think about the journey home.


This was the pram.

I thought I’d be able to hang the powder off the hooks or under the carrycot. It was too big to go in the basket underneath and the handle of the box wasn’t strong enough for it to hang. The rest went into bags I hung on the sides but the only way I could think to get the washing powder home was to put it on the handles and hold on to it so it didn’t fall off or squash Jack.

I’d also forgotten that the journey home was uphill. So, needless to say by the time I got back, I was a sweaty, achey mess! Stupid idiot!

Still, I have learnt my lesson and next time, I’ll just get the milk!


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