Getting messy at Baby Sensory

If you haven’t heard of Baby Sensory classes I recommend you get on the interweb and have a look – http://www.babysensory.com
Basically, it is a programme designed to help babies with their learning and development by stimulating their senses using methods such as music, massage, play, hand-eye coordination, movement, tummy-time as well as teaching signs allowing babies to communicate with you before they can speak, and giving you ideas for things to do at home. Each week is completely different with a different theme – we’ve been to Old Macdonalds Farm, a wedding, a puppet show and a light show to name a few.

I’m not sure who enjoys these classes more, me or Jack, but I look forward to going every week and I think Jack does too as he’s always quite engaged with the activities and definitely knows where he is when we get there. We started taking him when he was 4 weeks old and it took him a few weeks to get used to it (he was asleep or feeding for the first couple) but now once he hears the “Say hello to the sun” song, he is awake and ready to play!

Jack held a rattle for the first time during one of the classes and I was so proud I cried a little! He also did his first long-time head-lift-during-tummy-time when we were in class a few weeks back so I definitely think that going to these is helping him a lot in terms of his development.

Classes are about £7 a week, paid for on a school term basis and whilst initially I thought that was quite expensive, having seen what goes into each class and what both Jack and I get out of it, it’s money well spent!

This weeks theme was “music therapy” and involved playing along to music with bells, shakers and drums, lots of bubbles, balloons AND painting!!!

As you can see, we got good and messy – the first of many fun and messy times to come – and got a lovely picture to take home too! A Mini Picasso in the making!


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