Everyday things out-and-about that really get on my wick now I’m a mum

Before I had Jack, the following things didn’t really bother me but now they really piss me off!! It’s a bit of a moany post really but feel free to add any of your own in the comments, as they probably annoy me too!

1. Cars that park on the pavement.

This was what the path on the way home was like a few weeks ago. I only just managed to squeeze the buggy past them all and it was like that both sides of the road! The lampost you can see in the distance was the trickiest part to negotiate but by that time I was so annoyed I didn’t care if I scratched one of them (I didn’t) but there was no way I was going to walk the buggy in the very busy road!

I know sometimes parking facilities aren’t available  (this was outside a church) so you have to park up on the road but when you park on almost the entire path meaning that buggies and wheelchairs can’t get through, that’s really out of order and quite frankly, dangerous! Luckily our buggy is quite slim but if id had a slightly bigger one or a double buggy, I don’t know what I would have done!

2. Pavements without regular or  appropriately placed dropped kerbs – like at t junctions! (I have a lot of pavement anger today!) V. annoying for buggy and wheelchair users – the bumping up and down is hard work!

3. Baby changing facilities which are only in the ladies loo – Oooooo this pisses me off SO MUCH!! Why why why can’t these places put baby changing areas somewhere where both parents can access it? I know that it probably is more likely, but why do these places assume that the mother will be doing the nappy change? What do all the single parent dads or househusband dads do, or even just dads doing their fair share do? An example of gender stereotyping big time!

4. Really small aisles in shops. Again, massive access problems!

5. Limited parent parking spaces. Great that you’ve provided them but 4 is not enough for an entire supermarket. Also people who park in these rare spaces who either don’t have children at all (and therefore just taking the piss by parking in these spaces) or people who have children but don’t have them with them at the time. It is really, really hard to take a baby out of a car seat, or take a car seat out when you can’t open the door all the way and you don’t want to damage the car next to you!

6. Nursery rhymes with stupid lyrics. We go to a nursery rhyme thing at the library every week and there is one song which really gets on my nerves. There’s two verses, both to the tune of “Frere Jacque” but about animals. The first is fine and includes marsupials – koalas, kangaroos,  wallabies etc. The second one however goes like this:

Growling tiger, growling tiger,

Monkeys too, monkeys too,

Elephants with long trunks,

Elephants with long trunks,

Bouncing kangaroos,

Bouncing kangaroos

WHY ARE WE REPEATING KANGAROO AGAIN?!!! The answer I imagine is that they couldn’t think of anything else to rhyme with “too” but it really winds me up! I’m going to suggest they change it to “squarking Cockatoo” or “big hairy baboons” instead.

7. “Pull” doors. Trying to hold open a door and push a buggy through it at the same time requires octopus arms!

8. Lifts which take forever to go anywhere. With having the buggy, we now have to go up and down in lifts whereas before we would use stairs or escalators but they are so slow!!! They take ages to arrive and then ages to shut the doors once you are inside. It’s especially frustrating when you only need one thing from the mezzanine level of the supermarket but the baby is crying and there’s a queue of other parents waiting to use the lift as well! What’s worse is when it’s a small lift so you can only fit one buggy in at a time!

9. Rude pedestrians! Like those who tut behind you because you are walking too slowly (you try pushing a buggy and the weekly shopping up a hill!), or those who won’t wait to let you pass on small or obstructed pavements (see moan 1).

10. Unexpected rain. Bugger.


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