A very busy week with lots of walking, a poo explosion and my first grey hair!

Last week was very, very busy!

Monday we went back to the Sensory Room and I was a little bit nervous considering what happened last time but guess what! No meltdown!! Jack seemed to have a whale of a time, especially in the ball pool!

Tuesday we went to Bounce and Rhyme at the library which is 30mins of singing nursery rhymes followed by tea, biscuits and mummy chat. Considering that it’s totally free, I think it’s a brilliant way to meet other parents, get out of the house and encourage children to enjoy books and reading from a young age. It’s always really busy as well which I think is a good omen for whether a class is good or not.

Books are my thing. I’m a little obsessed with them if I’m honest, particularly children’s books with really good illustrations (I have a degree in illustration) so when we go to the library for this group, we also tend to pick out some bedtime books as well. I think that maybe I shall start writing some little book reviews on them…what do you reckon?

Wednesday we woke up late. Well not late as in I got a lie-in unfortunately but late as in Jack had a really unsettled night so once he did fall back asleep for what felt like the hundredth time, I too got some more zzzzzz. Oh how I do miss having a full nights refreshing sleep!

Anyway, we got to baby group (another free group arranged by the children’s centre) and dragged Daddy along too. I think he probably felt a bit odd as once again, he was the only dad there but the other mums didn’t seem to mind, plus it was someone’s birthday so we got cake! Whilst we were there, we went back into the Sensory Room so I could show James all the different features like the galaxy projector, ball pool, bubble lamp, fibre optic wall and uv light, and so he could have a little play with Jack. With the dim lighting, gentle music and the fact it was a little warm in the room, me having a lie down in the ball pool probably wasn’t a good idea… zzzzzzz! They should make sensory rooms for tired mummies!!!

Thursday was the last Baby Sensory of the term and a Mother’s Day special. We had a little picnic with plushy veg, plastic fruit pies and cups and saucers with imaginary tea , but REAL flapjacks for the parents. I could have hugged the class leader when I saw those bad boys!

I do have a slight problem at Baby Sensory in that I have made a mummy friend…but I don’t know her name!!! I’ve been talking to her and sitting next to her every week for maybe 9 weeks but I feel it’s now been too long to ask her what it is without feeling awkward. I am quite embarrassed that I’ve let it happen to be fair, I should have asked right at the beginning but I’ve still not quite mastered the mummy introduction thing. Do you introduce yourself and then your baby, or just your baby as most people just ask “what’s his name?” whilst you’re just shelved as “So and so’s mum”. You do lose your name as a parent I have noticed…!

Thursday afternoon my sister came over and we went on a lovely walk into Rochester, had a delicious waffle with strawberries and chocolate in a cafe just opposite the castle, lifted the buggy over some bollards, befriended the local sweet shop owner (lovely bloke who has been there 32 years and has never managed to finish a super sour cherry sweet), then came home! Was lovely!

Friday, we met up with one of my best friends Mandi and her little boy Oscar for a walk in Shorne Woods. We walked all over the place, had a lovely catchup and it was all going well until hometime when at some point between putting Jack in his car seat and me getting into the drivers seat, he had a poo explosion! It could have been worse, it was only on Jack and not all over the car but trying to change a shit-covered screaming, wriggling baby on the front passenger seat of the car in the middle of a car park filled with other parents was a challenge!
My best friend Chloe came over for a catch up on Saturday and we were chatting away when she suddenly screamed at me in delight “Oh my God you have a grey hair! Welcome to the club my friend!”. My first grey hair – noooooooo!

And ending the week, on Sunday we (me, James, Jack, Chloe and my other bestie Sam) all went round to Mandi’s for lunch! Oscar is 18 months so a fair bit older than Jack but it was so lovely watching them interact with each other – Oscar gave Jack his teddy to hold and tried to show him how to work his remote control car. It was so cute!!
On the way home, as we were passing, I decided to pop into see my parents and ended up staying for tea. My mum has baby spares of everything at hers so I let Nanny and Grandad give Jack his bath and get him ready for bed whilst I had a well-needed rest!

So that was my week – it’s knackered me out just writing about it!


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