So it’s 2am and I can’t sleep. Jack has just woken up for a feed but I’ve been awake for over an hour anyway as I am so so hot I feel like I’m melting!

I woke up with a sore throat yesterday but now I’m all feverish 😦 When I woke up my temperature was 39.1 so found some medicine and now it’s 37.9 so it’s going down a bit but off to the doctors I go later!

What’s bothering me the most is what if I give whatever I’ve got to Jack? He’s already endured his first runny nose and last set of injections this week so I really, really hope he doesn’t get it…We were feeling pretty sorry for ourselves yesterday! #caughtnapping

I tell you what though. Looking after a baby whilst you’re ill and can barely look after yourself is awful. Let’s just hope I don’t start puking!

I’ll let you know what the doctor says – fingers crossed I get an appointment!


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