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Product post – British Baby Box

I don’t really like Moses baskets for a few reasons. I think they seem quite flimsy and wobbly and with five cats (yes FIVE!) I didn’t want to risk them thinking it was a nice new cat basket and knocking it over so we searched for an alternative.

In Finland, for every baby born, the state provide the parents with a  “baby box” – a large, sturdy cardboard box containing a starter kit with everything they will need for their newborn – clothes, nappies, toiletries, toys etc.  The box can then be used as the baby’s first bed, encouraging safe sleeping by placing the box next to your bed, and according to the experts, is part of the reason why Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.

As soon as I heard about these, even before I was pregnant, I knew I wanted one and so I shopped around to see if there were any similar ones in the UK and voila – British Baby Box!

There are several types of boxes available – from a basic set (Adorable box- £50) which includes a mattress and organic cotton sheets, to one with everything you could possibly need like lovely organic cotton baby grows, toys and others bits and bobs (Luxury Box – £450).

Now I am the first to admit that from the outside spending £60 (with delivery) on what is effectively a cardboard box is a bit of an extravagance but I think it has been one of the best baby buys we made for several reasons.

1. It’s sturdier than a Moses basket and just goes straight on the floor so no possible way it can tip over. It also has a lid so when Jack isn’t in it (obviously), the lid can go on and the cats can’t get in.

2. It’s massive! It’s crib size so a lot bigger than a basket and arguably yes this could be a problem in a small room but we used it as a downstairs bed for Jack so wasn’t an issue in the lounge. Where it is larger than a basket, there’s plenty of growing room for baby – four and a bit months in and Jack still fits quite comfortably in it.

3. You can use the lid as a changing area. We put the mat inside and voila!

4. It has a really cute little star pattern on the sides which just happened to fit in with a lot of the baby stuff we got!

5. It’s easy to move. It has little handles on the side (the cats like to look through these at Jack) and you can just take it anywhere with no hassle or fuss!

6. Jack really likes it. I think it makes him feel secure, like he’s in his little safe place and he strokes the stars which is really cute.

7. With the lid on it makes a really useful table.

8. Once Jack has outgrown it, we can use it for a number of other things – storage box, toy box, blanket box, train, boat, car, pirate ship, spaceship etc, etc.

So I would definitely recommend one of these as an alternative to a Moses basket, especially if you want something that is going to last longer, is eco friendly and can be used for multiple things afterwards (what do you do with a Moses basket once baby has outgrown it?).

Also, the safety aspect of it is really, really good, so much so that they have actually started a trial of baby boxes in several UK hospitals. Unfortunately I’m not sure whether the NHS will put the money aside for launching these nationwide but if we have another baby, I will definitely be getting another baby box regardless!

Thanks British Baby Box!

To find out more, or even order one for yourself, visit:



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