Good morning Mummy, here’s some puke for you!

So I was feeding Jack in bed this morning, just wanting to go back to sleep after getting up several times in the night as usual, when suddenly Jack made the loudest noise I had ever heard him do. It was like a burp and a bark mixed together – I shall refer to it as a “barp” – which instantly rose me from my semi- awake state.

I sat up and sat him up and he looked at me just as confused by the barp as I was. Then all of a sudden – a puke fountain! His little mouth just opened and out it all came, a torrent of milky stomach juice! Within seconds it was all over Jack, all over me and all over the bed!

Jack isn’t a very sick baby, if he ever is sick it’s normally just a dribble, so this was new to both of us. He was looking at me bewildered and I was looking at him shocked, concerned and a little bit disgusted about it all!

Several thoughts went through my head at this point;

  1. Oh no! Why has Jack been sick? He’s never done that before! Is he I’ll? 
  2. Was it my fault? Did I do something to make him poorly? What did I eat last night? (fish pie)
  3. I hope my milk hasn’t curdled or something…
  4. Wake James up to help.
  5. Don’t wake James up, he’s been at work all night so you have to deal with this yourself.
  6. Ergh. I’m pretty sure there’s sick on my knickers.
  7. I really need a wee.
  8. Jack, this really isn’t funny (he was smiling and giggling by now)
  9. Ring Mum for advice.
  10. Bath. We both need a bath.

So that’s what we did!

I just hope it was a one-off and he’s not really poorly 😦 and I must remember to change the bedsheets once James wakes up!


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