So, so tired

I feel completely exhausted today. 

Jack is still not quite himself and had me up maybe 4 times in the night I think. I also have a horrible sore throat and earache again so it doesn’t look like the antibiotics worked last week to rid me of tonsillitis.

Feeling both ill and really, really tired, yet still getting up and doing all the things that need doing is so hard. I sat on the floor of the nursery early this morning crying because I just wanted a time out. Time out to sleep, to make myself feel better and just recharge my batteries. But, alas as a breastfeeding Mummy with a 4.5 month old, there’s no such thing!

I could have very easily fallen asleep on the rug in the middle of the library at Baby Bounce and Rhyme this morning actually – even the librarian asked me if I was ok! Still, I’ve just seen this picture pop up on my Facebook wall and it made me feel better.

Yes I am. I’m a lot stronger than I think and on days like today when things are really hard, I can keep going!


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