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As you know from my previous post on Baby Boxes, I’m not a fan of a Moses Basket so we needed something else suitable for Jack to sleep in at night. 

The Baby Box would have been fine to use upstairs but I wanted something that would be level with our bed for ease of feeding, that I would be able too see Jack from whilst lying down (and vice versa) and was more, well, bed like.

We looked at a couple of co-sleeper cribs and I really, really liked the Snuzpod. It had everything I wanted – wooden, smart, good design, folding down sides and rocked. But unfortunately it also came with a whopping price tag.

We then looked at the Chicco Close to Me crib but I felt being made of mostly fabric, it was far too flimsy, especially having cats at home.

Then, up popped the Bednest on my Facebook wall one day. It was wooden with fabric fold down sides, fitted to the bed, was transportable and – the best bit – I could rent it for as long as I want for £89 (also available to buy new if wanted). 

Rent a crib. It’s a genius idea!

I did the math and worked out that if I am lucky enough to be blessed with two children in my life, renting this crib twice would still be cheaper than buying one new – bargain! Children are expensive so, as I’ve mentioned once or twice, I am more than happy to have second hand items and love a bargain so this was right up my street! Plus, I wouldn’t have to find somewhere to store it in between babies.

The Bednest in situ – also starring the cat!

So, we ordered one to be delivered two weeks before our due date and that was one more thing off our “to get” list.

A few weeks later however a news report regarding a court case surrounding the tragic death of a 7-week old using a secondhand Bednest crib made me really question whether I had done the right thing. Had I already made a terrible decision for my unborn child? Should I cancel the order?

I spoke to James about it and we looked into the news story a bit more and found there were several other factors which may have contributed to this sad story. One issue with the crib had been that the fabric sides used to have the option of being folded down half way but in light of this, Bednest have modified all new all and rental cribs (with a modification kit available for older ones) so that this can no longer happen. This, and realising that although incredibly sad, it was an accident that noone could have predicted, made me feel much better about my decision.

It arrived on the day I requested  (although Jack had suprised us by turning up three days before). Each crib is fully cleaned between rentals and has new matresses, sheets and fabric sides each time so it’s basically as good as new. There are a few little dings and scratches in the wood but nothing really noticeable and once we are ready to put Jack in his own room, we just send it back!

I really love it. I like that we have a co-sleeping arrangement but that Jack has his own little “annex” if you like. I love waking up to see his little face grinning at me through the fabric mesh and the fact that I don’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to feed him. I simply lower the fabric side, take him out, feed, burp, put him back, replace the side and zzzzzzz.

I have found the customer service to be really good too. I discovered that Jack had pulled on one of the fabric sides and the inner mesh had started to come away so I emailed Bednest and I had a pack of new fabric sides arrive in the post two days later. 

The Bednest folds down for storage or travel and it is easy to put up again. It comes with straps as well to attach it to your bed and is height adjustable. However, it is really heavy so not that practical if you want something you can move easily and although you can change the height and angle of it, it’s a little tricky to do. Also, the rods in the fold down mesh sides are really uncomfortable to lie on and shuffling on my bum to get out of the bed whilst holding Jack once, I caught the corner of the side when it was down and had a whopper of a bruise! Other than thatI cannot fault it.

Overall I’m really glad we didn’t change our mind about getting a Bednest and I think I’m going to be really sad when it’s time to send it back! I will definitely be renting one when we have another bubba and I really recommend it for anyone looking for a co-sleeping crib!

Find out more here; www.bednest.com


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