Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rock!

Jack finally rolled over and I managed to catch the moment on video!

Turns out I can’t include video content on this (unless I upgrade my package but I’m not going to do that just get) so I would have put the video…


So instead, I uploaded it to the Facebook page instead!



Oh Jack, Mama is so proud of you baby!!
He’s rolled over a few times by accident but this was the first time he did it on purpose and now he’s just rolling every where. Well, not every where as he hasn’t quite worked out how to roll from his front to his back so cries when he gets stuck but it’ll come!

Watching Jack learn new things is amazing. It’s also strange because as adults we take things like rolling over or being able to put things to our mouth for granted – we just do it. Being able to watch someone learn all these new tricks and skills is just…Well I can’t think of the right word but if you’ve had the pleasure then you know what I mean!

Oh the other hand though, every time he does learn a new thing, a little part of me is sad. Every new skill is one more step towards him becoming independent and not needing me to help him as much. Such a mix of emotions!


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