Happy Father’s Day!

In celebration of Father’s Day today, I asked my lovely Dad if he would like to write a little something for my blog and he very kindly agreed to answer some questions about being a first-time Grandad!


Tell us about finding out you were going to be a Grandad

It must have been about 14 months ago now, that I received a card out of the blue, congratulating me on my upcoming promotion, from Dad – to Grandad! I didn’t even open it at first as I thought Abbie was giving me something else so when she insisted that I opened it there and then, I was a little confused. But what an amazing surprise that was – and both of us, as prospective grandparents, were bowled over by the news.

Ann (Abbie’s mum) and I followed the ups and downs of Abbie’s pregnancy with a heady mixture of practical advice, memories of our own pregnancies, anticipation, love for “Nugget” (as the bump was more affectionately known) and – certainly in my case, some trepidation at the thought of becoming a Grandad.

dad and jack
Grandad ChooChoo (with a strange sunlight Edwardian-type wig) and Jack (with a massive packet of crisps that he liked to shake)


How did you feel when the “Big Day” arrived?

Eventually, just before Christmas – a couple of weeks earlier than planned – the moment arrived, and we met Jack for the first time. Abbie had called Ann the previous day to tell her that her water’s had broken but as nothing had happened, they had gone into hospital at midnight to be induced. I had a text from Ann whilst I was at work at about 11am to say that Abbie and James had asked her to come to the hospital so I knew that the birth was now imminent and I was pretty nervous for my baby! At about half 12, I had another text to say that the  baby definitely wouldn’t be long so I asked my work (I’m a taxi driver) for jobs local to the hospital so I could pop in between jobs and see them. By half 1, I had a call from Ann to say the baby had arrived at last and to come and find us in the delivery suite so that’s what I did!

Our lives were turned upside down in an instant. I was overwhelmed a tad when I saw the three of them, but oh so proud of my daughter – once my little baby – and James – and as you have both grown into parenthood, I am even prouder! Jack was so tiny, so helpless, so fragile and I fell in love all over again. Okay, so I admit I am a little biased, but Jack is absolutely fantastic!


What pearls of Grandad wisdom do you wish to pass down to Jack?

I made sure that one of the first toys he received was a “Thomas the Tank” soft toy – I have to educate him into the world of steam trains from the very beginning! It must be working, because for my birthday last month, Jack* arranged to take me (and the rest of the family) to the Harry Potter Studio tour, where he and I admired the steam train from the film! My love of trains is also why I have been affectionately named Grandad ChooChoo!

I also hope Jack inherits the common sense, fairness and even handedness that I have from my own dad –  to always treat people with respect and as you would like to be treated. I just hope he keeps his lovely hair – mine has all fallen out bar a few strands!

*Ok, well Abbie did but I’m sure Jack would have if he knew how to book the tickets!


So six-months in, what’s it like being a Grandad?

I never really knew what to expect as a grandparent, but I have to say, I would recommend it to anybody! Some say it’s better than being a parent – maybe because you still get all the fun and wonder of seeing a child grow and develop into their own person, but not the sleepless nights!

Although I see Jack regularly, it never ceases to amaze me how much he is changing. He is developing his own cheeky character; is always a hit with the ladies (which makes me very popular in association!); has a lovely smile, and is rapidly becoming more mobile – almost by the hour! I’m also very impressed with Abbie and James, who have become excellent parents in a very short time – not something you really can learn from a book or the Internet but it seems to have come naturally to them as I suspected would be the case with all the cats they have!

dad me and bee
My Dad, my sister (on his shoulders), and me in the 90’s!

Awww thanks Dad! He’s so good with Jack and it’s lovely watching their little relationship grow. I can’t wait for Jack to go on his first steam train with him!

So a massive Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy, to James on his first Father’s Day (Jack has drawn a picture in his card), to my father-in-law, Chris and to all the other brilliant Dad’s and Mum-dads!

Also to Grandad Sid, Grandad Leon and to James’ Grandad Colin – three wonderful men who sadly aren’t with us anymore but who helped shape us into the people we are today and who I see little bits of in Jack every day! We are so honored to have had them in our lives – Grandad’s are awesome! xxx



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