A day off (sort of)

I’m still suffering with tonsillitis and it’s made me feel really unenergetic and generally “meh” – I haven’t even fancied eating dinner for the last two nights which is very unlike me indeed! I’m on breastfeeding friendly antibiotics for it but they taste like the smell of petrol! They seem to be taking the edge off a bit though so must be working.

Anyway, we had a busy weekend visiting my in-laws (I did check they were happy to still have me and my disgusting tonsils in tow) which although lovely, in hindsight I probably should have rested, so today I had the day off – sort of.

Jack is normally exclusively breastfed but as we had a few ready-made bottles of Aptamil in the cupboard that needed using up (always good to have formula back up in an emergency), I set up the steriliser with a few bottles ready for James to do some of the feeds and then had a chilled out morning doing my own thing. I had non-time-limited shower, I fiddled around with this blog, set up an Instagram page for this (follow “mamabearandmeuk”) and – this isn’t exciting for anyone else but me – tried out my new manual breast pump (FYI it’s much better than my electric one!).

Image result for bottle feeding formula aptamil

Then, this afternoon we popped into town to get another picture frame for our living room and a quick lunch but I started to feel a bit rough again (headachey, dizzy) so when we got home I had a nap – for two hours!!!! Just what I needed. Poor James had a hard time though as Jack was a bit of a pickle for him but I feel so much better for it. James is definitely my hero! Fingers crossed I am running at 100% again soon though as I hate feeling rubbish!

Oh and we FINALLY sold our old fridge today which has been cluttering up our kitchen for the past two months – that’s another thing ticked off the to-do list!


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